This stupid rumor keeps on running wild. Bourdain, nice guy as he may be, describes, in exaggerated terms, the bad old days in New York City. Which, with its heavily mob/teamster/union extortion business, then, indeed did have such things as "bad food Mondays".

Enter the rest of the world, the rest of the country, and the rest of us. Unless you have a time machine, travel back into 1990, and eat at one of the class of restaurants Bourdain describes, there's no reason not to eat on Mondays.

Here's why:

  • Deliveries aren't on specific days for everyone in the area. We're getting our fish on Monday morning, the Japanese restaurant next door does, too. I've seen deliveries go in there on Wednesdays (traditionally dry days for us), Thursdays, Fridays, even Sundays. The whole idea about Sushi-grade meat is to be timely.
  • Refrigeration and storage has made leaps since the late 80s. Blast-chilling and flash-freezing allows us to have "as-fresh" product that has been kept in suspended animation for one or two days without any of the negatives of traditional cooling.
  • And, lastly, even the best Toro comes from farms. And that's good, it's sustainable and healthier to the environment and you. Considering the distance from those fishing grounds to you, Monday or Tuesday makes no difference, whatsoever.
Hope that ends, once and for all, the "bad food Mondays" myth.