There's more latent racism towards Asians than Norwegians in America

Japan announced plans to restart its... - National Geographic

In college I saw classmates that very much believed in fighting against

racism and for liberal progressive values throw that all out the door when there was an opportunity to take on disgusting South Park inspired 'jap accents' because the topic of Japanese whaling was brought up.

It was very chilling, as otherwise these were the folks I talked to on the importance of Obama winning the election and all, and now they were using nukes and tsunamis as slurs against a culture they knew little about.

Not so much for Norwegian whaling, there's just not much of a history of discrimination against Scandinavians in the US. Norwegian whaling has been coming up more often but sentiment against it is more about "whaling should be stopped" and less "Norwegians are filthy untermensch that need to be wiped off of our planet!!"

So what's the American reaction to European whalers?

Interestingly enough, when an American source like National Geographic reports on Norwegian and other European whalers, they wax romantic about 'tradition' and romantic imagery of an ancient people:

You can also see that the comments section to this article still has some criticism, but none of it takes a racial element and there are more defenders:
Last of the Viking whalers: Earning a... - National Geographic

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