I grew up in Nagasaki, went to public school.

I was taught what our ancestors did , atrocious, brutal things to neighbor Asian countries in the history class. We learned

human experiment, we learned comfort woman, etc.

Of course, we were shocked, and were so scared. We felt great sense of guilt, really sorry for the victims.
Atomic bomb dropped to our city, lost thousand of people's lives including innocent children.
Most people of Nagasaki doesn't blame US for this, but more self shaming to cause this tragic end. It's true.
My grandma lost 5 kids from atomic bomb, she witnessed a hell on the earth, but never talked any hatred. She just taught us " never start war again in the future."

In school, we all promised we'll never make this mistake again and try to make peaceful world in the future.
And I believe Japan worked really hard and contribute to make peace with great perseverance for these 70 years.

It is sad that lot of Asians think that Japanese never apologize.
Actually, we did apologize many times and made huge financial support especially to China and Korea. You can find the list of apology statement issued by Japan.
Some Japanese politicians are so stupid to show inconsistency about war crime responsibility, well we are very frustrated with those incompetent Japanese politicians.
But to be honest, to be accepted as apologize, the taker should be prepared to accept the apology. If you have no ears to listen, no apology will be accepted.

I am wondering, is it fair to blame descendant for what their ancestors did in the past? If you say so, how long is enough?

If you keep blaming and talk hatred to your children, it does not help making peaceful world in the future.

I was shocked to hear one chinese girl said to Japanese kid in the class of public school in Palo Alto 2015.
" My family hate Japanese, Especially my mom hates Japanese because Japanese are so cruel, so I don't like you. "

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