Japan thinks it has apologized, many times. China and Korea say it doesn't count. Because Chinese and Koreans are expecting this:

Germany's apology: Warsaw Knee-fall of Willy Brandt

But there is

no way in hell any Japanese PM will do this, if he wants to keep his job. And the Emperor is never going to do this either.

And because Germany has banned this:

But (to the embarrassment of most Japanese), there are still lots of this:

And then there's the visits to the Yasukuni aka war criminal Shrine:

Sure, I understand the Japanese politicians are pandering to the right wing that should have been extinguished like how they did it in Deutschland (Denazification)... but there are consequences to those actions.

And the consequence is: China and Korea still don't believe that Japan has made a true apology.

And I haven't even touched on the whitewashing of history in some school textbooks bound for the impressionable young minds of Japan.

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