Here's a rather surprising Chinese perspective:

"The issue of the islands is a time bomb planted by the U.S. between China and Japan to make sure our countries do not grow
too close, that bomb is now exploding or will explode soon.”-Mr. Chen Jian, China's former ambassador to Japan

In an interview organized by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Hong Kong, Mr. Chen accused the United States of encouraging the right wing in Japan, and fanning a rise of militarism.

What does he mean by 'Time Bomb'? Well, after Japan was defeated in World War II America had administration over the country, thus administration over the islands. In 1972, the US was handing power back to the Japanese government, and as part of that they gave Tokyo the islands which once belonged to the Republic of China.

The timing of this is important, as in 1971 China and Japan had begun the process of normalizing relations since the war. With the US handing the islands to Japan, tensions immediately flared up and threatened to disrupt the developing momentum of China-Japan cooperation.

What does Mr. Chen Jian believe to be the US's goal? To give an 'excuse' for an increased military presence in Asia.

I was quite surprised to come across this view, as it portrays Japan as a sort of 'victim' of US scheming when normally the Communist media shows no sympathy for them. You can see the interview here:

Video Interview - Ambassador Chen Jian: US planted a time bomb between China and Japan

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