Hello, Japanese here.

As for Yasukuni, I never went. I lived a stone throw away for many years but I never went. For one thing, I don't have a war dead

in my family although I have some military people. For another, I don't support it.

However, I like the way Japan dealt with history vs what the Germans have done. Germany have simply took the same indoctrination machine and fed through it an opposite message in hopes that that will negate the effect. They outlawed anything that supports the previous regime.

Japan has renounced policing of thoughts. As a result, we have mouth foaming right wing nutcases and beady-eyed Marxist people in need of a life. But we also have a thriving economy, culture and peace that we have maintained out our own free will.

Disclaimer - I am not putting down the German solution. I simply believe they have their way of dealing with it and we have ours. We are different peoples and carry different historical burdens.

So, Yasukuni, fair enough. We have peace marches too. And Haruki Murakami. And maid cafes. And Toyota. And tentacle porn. And Kyoto.

That's what I think of Yasukuni.

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