If you need a title for a bike and you are not sure what to do to obtain a title call Kem at 281-901-7909 and I will assist you with the

motor vehicle titling process. There are a lot of individuals that will sell you a vehicle without a title. If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle and the seller informs you they do not have the title be sure to ask the seller for the VIN (vehicle identification number) and do your research before making the purchase. The biggest mistake a lot of buyers make is to purchase a vehicle they are not able to transfer the title on; or even worse they are not able to get a title for the vehicle. Most sellers are just that....sellers!!! They are not familiar with the titling process and do not run the necessary checks on the vehicle to ensure the purchaser is able to get the plates, sticker and title transferred into their name. Also another common mistake made by sellers is they are not familiar with proper execution of the title. Be sure to have the seller print his/her name on the back of the title the same way it is on the front of the title. If there are two names for owner on the front of the title both of them must sign on the back of the title as seller. If not this will be an incomplete title and you will need to file for a bonded title to get the motor vehicle registered in your name. Once the seller has provided you with the VIN number to the vehicle call me at 281-901-7909 and I will check the VIN to see if there are any liens that will hinder us from obtaining the title, I will check to see if there is a Texas record issued on the vehicle, and I will also check the insurance database to see if there is a salvage record issued as well as to see if there is stolen record on the vehicle. So dont make a blind purchase call Kem at 281-901-7909 or 713-981-6388 and allow Houston Texas Auto Title to assist you with your title needs. You can come to the office located at 2855 Mangum rd ste 104, Houston, TX 77092