If you are a Texas resident and you own a motor vehicle you will need to transfer the title and renew registration. When purchasing a motor vehicle there are a lot

of things you have to consider. You must find out if the seller has the title or not. If the seller has the title there are a few things you should do to know how easy or difficult it might be to transfer the title. First you should ask the seller if the title is in their name. If they say yes perfect this will be a simple title transfer. If the seller says no the title is not in their name but the title was left open this will be an easy title transfer. If the seller tells you they put their name on the back of the title and never transferred the title in their name it will be a little difficult but the title can be fixed and transferred in to your name. I would still purchase the vehicle because a bonded title is all you will need to transfer the title in your name. A bonded title will still be a clean title and will not prohibit you from selling the motor vehicle. The new purchaser will not have a problem changing the title in their name. The bond allows the state to know there was a problem with the original title. If the seller tells you they do not have the title I would first ask for the vin number and do some research. You will need to verify the vin number to ensure the vehicle is not stolen. You will also need to verify if the title is salvage or a clean title. If the title is salvaged you will need to get state inspection done before the vehicle can be registered in your name. At Houston Texans Auto Title Service we focus on keeping Texas drivers in compliance with the requirements of the law. We work Monday through Saturday from 10 am until 8 pm to service your title needs. We have runners in line daily at the dmv and tax assessor office to expedite our titling process. We process regular and salvaged title transfers in 1 to 2 business days and bonded titles in 3 to 4 business days. Our office is located at 2855 mangum rd ste 104, Houston, TX 77092. For questions regarding our services or quotes on the title transfer please contact us at 281-901-7909 for immediate assistance. Our services include but are not limited to◆title transfer◆bonded auto title transfer◆lost title◆token trailer plates◆apportioned plates◆combination plates◆atv◆motorcycle title transfer◆heirship title transfer◆classic plates◆handicap plates◆salvaged title transfer◆18 wheeler registration◆notary◆international title transferAnd many more services. Don't waste any more time not getting the title transferred on your vehicle call kem at Houston Texans Auto Title Service and let me get your motor vehicle registration. Call me for a quote at 281-901-7909. Remember I will need the vin number to quote you if the vehicle is less than 25 years old.

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