It takes the average P&C agent (home and auto insurance) 60 hours per week for 5-7 years to build a monthly recurring income of over $4,000.  And, of course, you get

to deal with all the headaches of customer service and claims!

Here's how we are different:

✔ $6,700+ monthly recurring income in 10-15 months

✔ Part-time work - about 5-10 hours per week (from home)

✔ Our average client saves $636 per year

✔ Turn-key marketing solutions to build your clientele base

✔ WE handle quotes, paperwork, sales and customer service for you!

If you do not have a P&C license, we will provide you with the study materials you need to get licensed ASAP.  If you are serious about generating true residual income in the next year,

Call our 24 hour message line at 480-447-4741 for a 3 minute overview.