March 3, 2016Legal Notice

Devon Energy Production Company, LP, 333 West Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102-8260 has filed form C-108 (Application for Authorization to Inject) with the New Mexico Oil
Conservation Division seeking administrative approval for an injection well. The existing well, the Cotton Draw Unit 84 is located at 2615' FSL & 1160' FEL, Section 2, Township 25 South, Range 31 East, in Eddy County, New Mexico. Disposal water will be sourced from area wells producing from the Bone Spring and/or Delaware formations. The disposal water will be injected into the Devonian formation at a depth of 16,295' to 16,585', open hole, at a maximum surface pressure of 3259 psi and a maximum rate of 10,000 BWPD. Any interested party who has an objection to this must give notice in writing to the Oil Conservation Division, 1220 South Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505, within (15) days of this notice. Any interested party with questions or comments may contact Josh Bruening at Devon Energy Corporation, 333 West Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102-8260, or call (405) 552-7882.