On February 10, 2016, an application was filed seeking FCC consent to the transfer of control of LIN of New Mexico,
LLC, licensee of KRQE, Albuquerque, NM, KBIM-TV, Roswell, NM, and KASA-TV, Santa, Fe, NM from the Shareholders of Media General, Inc. to Nexstar Media Group, Inc. The officers, directors, and 10% or more shareholders of Media General, Inc. and the entities in its chain of ownership are Diana Cantor, Royal Carson III, H.C. Charles Diao, Dennis Fitzsimons, Soohyung Kim, Douglas McCormick, John Muse, Wyndham Robertson, Vincent Sadusky, Thomas Sullivan, James Woodward, Deborah McDermott, Robert Richter, Andrew Carington, Timothy Mulvaney, David Knickel, William Neisel, Linda Thompson, Andrew Rosen, Standard General Communications LLC, Standard General Fund L.P., Standard General GP LLC, Standard General Management LLC, Standard General Holdings LP, Standard General S Corp., Acme Amalgamated Holdings LLC, Hicks, Muse Fund III Incorporated, Hicks, Muse, GP Partners III, L.P., HM/3GP Partners, L.P., and Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Equity Fund III, L.P. The officers, directors, and 10% or more shareholders of Nexstar Media Group, Inc. and the entities in its ownership chain are Perry Sook, Lisbeth McNabb, Geoff Armstrong, I. Martin Pompadur, Dennis Miller, Thomas McMillan, Jay Grossman, Thomas Carter, Brian Jones, Timothy Busch, Thomas O'Brien, Elizabeth Ryder, Blake Russell, Marc Lisker, John Phelan, Glenn Fuhrman, MSD Torchlight Partners, L.P., MSD Torchlight Partners (MM), L.P, MSD Partners, L.P., and MSD Partners (GP), LLC. A copy of the applications is on file for public inspection at