March 2, 2016NOTICE

To: D. Stuart Harroun, Jr., Trustee, of the D. Stuart Harroun, Jr. Revocable Trust, Eric D. Boyt, Herman Clifford Walker, III, J.M. Mineral Land & Co. Inc., Jeffrey
Caswell Neal, Trustee of the Neal Trust, Magnolia Royalty Co., Inc., Piper L. Nelms, Tara L. Keene-Karson, and First National Bank of Santa Fe, Trustee of the Dorothy S. Harroun Irrevocable Trust: Matador Production Company has filed an application with the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division seeking approval of a non-standard gas spacing and proration unit in the Wolfcamp formation for the Zach McCormick Well No. 1. The well unit will be the NW/4 of Section 18, Township 24 South, Range 29 East, N.M.P.M., Eddy County, New Mexico, comprising 160 acres. The Wolfcamp formation is developed on statewide rules, which require 320 acre well units. You are an offset interest owner to the subject well unit. If you object to the well unit you must submit an objection to the Division within 20 days of the publication of this notice. The Division' address is 1220 South St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. The attorney for applicant is James Bruce, P.O. Box 1056, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504. The well unit is located approximately 3 miles east of Malaga, New Mexico.