Opening Reception:Thursday, March 3 from 5pm - 8pm

Exhibition Dates:March 3 - March 30

This exhibit began to take hold when a current community service project surfaced within

the interior design and apparel design & merchandising programs in the Consumer & Family Studies / Dietetics Department. The goal of this project is to partner with the Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club in an effort to assist them with interior design of their current facility with a major goal of helping in their mission, and to provide a positive environment for the youth, their families, and the individuals who work to provide a safe and effective experience for after-school activities. Service will include providing design concepts in addition to providing immediate hands-on design efforts that can have a positive immediate impact. Within the process are found these inspirational wall designs, intended to provoke thought, inspire, and remind the youth that all things are possible.

"Inspiration Wall Designs" is group exhibition featuring:

Regina Atwal

Alana Barrueto

Lindsay Cimoli

Leticia Duran

Casey Fiebig

Madeline Harris

Miguel Im Kim

Diana Mariscal

Nicole Santoni

Thomas Schultheis

Vivian Seto

Monique Tiffer

Terrence To

Shirley Tran

Victoria Vajgrt

Thomas Wen

Cassie White

Nicholas Wong

Jenny Wu

Queenie Yu

Ben Yu