If you are retired and bored, or working and need extra income, then this investment is for you! This cash business requires about two hours a week of work by the

owner and has a net income of about $15,000. per year! Your initial investment will be paid back to you within four years-now that's a good investment!The laundromat is on time locks: at 6:00 a.m. the lights go on and the door unlocks. At 9:00 p.m. the lights go off and the door locks. We have never had a problem with vandalism or vagrants. Owner goes in twice a week to stock vending machines and empty the dollar bill changer: ka-ching! Property is cleaned daily by hired janitor. Clean it yourself and make even MORE money.Sale price includes all washers, dryers, pop/snack/soap vending machines, dollar bill changer, tables & chairs, television, water heaters, water softeners, security system etc. Property is leased in five-year intervals with 20 years of renewals. The property is clean, inviting, and does a great business! Gross sales are about $50,000. per year!