To those who care about their own health and their society’s!

Nano Pishtaz Pars Company, with highly experienced and expert staff, has successfully produced the first permanent antibacterial tiles and ceramics.

Having aseptic feature, these products are able to permanently immunize all surfaces and people in intensive care units (ICU, CCU, ITU, NICU) and non-medical centers like swimming pools, hotels, learning centers and the like against environmental dangerous micro-organisms with no need to use disinfectants of any kind.

The antibacterial feature of the products has been proven under the supervision of microbiology Research Group of Standard Research Center, Iran Pasteur Institute Laboratory, Ministry of Health, and Food and Drug Administration of Iran (FDAI). They also have a 5-year product quality assurance and standard certificates.

These tiles and ceramics are available in all colors, sizes, and designs and even without UV light, they are still antibacterial.

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