I'm Realtor/Apartment locator and I have Condos, Apartments, Houses, Duplex's and I also work with section 8. I need to get them rented out soon. I'm running specials right now and

have different price ranges just let me know what you are looking for and I will match it. No matter what side of town. Call to hear about my specials and make appointment to see my beautiful homes.

*****no walk- ins by appointment only********

Gracie Ann Garcia Icon Realty

9514 Console Dr. Ste.103

San Antonio, Texas 78229

(210)650-3655 office

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also for faster service please go to our site and request for more info on apartments you like or you can e-mail me your info so I can start today!


Price range


Date to move in

Any broken leases

Criminal background


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