Tamare's Mirari Soap & Powder will Detoxify your blood, liver and lymph system will increase vitality, boost energy levels and immune system. Most chronic illnesses come from the body's inability to

release toxins. Pain, Excess weight, Skin Disorders, pain, Sluggish Bowels, Body Odor, etc. come from toxic lymphatic fluids. A free flowing lymph system will enable and activate your body's natural ability to heal itself of any dis-ease.

Detoxification Therapy as easy as bathing everyday with TAMARE'S MIRARI PRODUCTS! Release inches by simply bathing in as soon as 5 minutes! Experience a herbal miracle TODAY! Wash with the soap and see results in just one use! Release up to 25 pounds with just one bar 5 oz bar that will last 30 days. See smoother clearer tighter skin! Melt Cellulite away in minutes! I can personally attest to this herbal remedy being truly life changing. I use it everyday This combination of powdered herbs are specially formulated to remove toxins and inches at the same time, and also works wonders on your hair skin and nails. I released 100 pounds really FAST by simply relaxing in the tub! This is real true life story. I was a size 18 and now I am a size 6! I urge you to try it! You WILL see results!

Your skin is the largest organ you have, it houses millions of pores. Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxins. The herbal infused lather and tea of Tamare's Herbal Powder and Bars literally penetrate cells with nutrients, vitamins and minerals while simultaneously liquefying and eliminating toxic fatty deposits.

∼ Immediate Inch Removal

∼ Tightens & tones loose skin 

~ Boost metabolism & energy levels

∼ Anti-aging - rejuvenating collagen

∼ Melts away toxins causing cellulite

∼ Removes dead skin, even skin tone

∼ Balance body chemistry

∼ Jump start or enhance weight loss

∼ Improves Energy Flow/ Circulation

∼ Promotes lymphatic drainage

∼ Relieves fluid retention

∼ Relieves insect bites, rashes & boils

∼ Relieves acne & eczema

∼ Relieves joint and muscle pain

∼ Strengthen muscle tissues

∼ Relives Rheumatism, Arthritis

∼ Relieves stress and fatigue

∼ Relieves colds, and flu symptoms

∼ Nourish hair, scalp and nails

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