There are a large number of reasons to need assistance with a title transfer. Maybe you have the title and the registered owner signed the title in the incorrect place. Or

perhaps they did not sign the title at all. Or maybe they signed the title but never registered the title into their name and then they signed the title over to you. If any one of these scenarios apply to you do not get discouraged, all it takes is one phone call and one office visit to 2855 Mangum rd ste 104, Houston, tx 77092 and VIP title service will get the title work completed for you. To get pricing all you will need is the year, make, model and the vehicle identification number (VIN). So don't ever listen to the words "no I can not transfer your title" just call kem at 281-901-7909 and allow the experts at VIP title service to get your plates, title transfer and vehicle registration completed. At VIP title service we specialize in the impossible and give all of our customers a very satisfactory experience. There is not one job we cant do so whether you have lost the vehicle title before you had a chance to transfer it into your name or just have barriers to cross in getting your motor vehicle transferred we can help. We specialize in auto title bonds and lost titles. It doesn't matter if the vehicle you have is a commercial, recreational, passenger vehicle or a trailer we can and will get the job done for you without the headache. So come on down to 2855 mangum rd ste 104, Houston, TX 77092 and allow VIP title service to take care of all your title needs.

Surety Bonds

We know that several states require that a Title Bond be purchased in order to issue a new title...for their protection! Here's how it works. The state will determine the value of the car in question, let's say $5000. The purchaser will then have a bonding service issue a Title Bond and the cost is dependent on the car's history, the length of time the bond is good for and the purchaser's credit history.The agency issuing the Title Bond is insuring the state issuing the new title, that if during a length of time, usually one to six years, if the original title owner appears and wants their car, new title owner will give the vehicle back or write a check for $5000, regardless of the car's condition.So before you sign on the dotted line to purchase a title bond, you better be 100% certain, like that the car wasn't stolen because no matter how much time and money you put into this newly titled car, it can go back to the previous owner without a penny coming your way.When an individual needs to register a vehicle that was legally purchased and the title or transfer of title was neither misplaced or never provided, a title bond is required by the State of Texas Department of Motors Vehicles to release a title to the individual requesting the registration and title of said vehicle. These bonds are often referred to as title bonds, DMV bonds, car bonds, and certificate of title bonds.The title bond protects the State of Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and any and all purchasers of the vehicle covered by the bond. This bond protects any lien holder or rightful owner of said vehicle if a title is released to someone who is not the legal owner of that vehicle. Title Bonds are generally issued within two weeks of the application being submitted to VIP Title Service.

Titles issued by the state indicate a car's legal status and record of ownership. However, you may purchase a vehicle that doesn't have a title. To prove ownership, you must apply for what most states refer to as a bonded title.


Bonded titles, or surety bonds, require assurance that the car you bought doesn't have a problematic background and serve to protect the issuing state from future hassles. If someone later comes along and claims they still own the car you want to title, the bond pays for the state's insurance deductible.FeaturesAntiques and rebuilt vehicles, personal imports and even homegrown motor vehicles qualify for bonded status. If you simply walk into a dealership, or buy from an individual, you normally won't need this kind of title.


Should you buy a car with no title or are given one, make sure you have proof of that, or at least contact info for the person who gave you the vehicle. The state then runs a check to verify the car isn't stolen or has any liens on it, so the VIN must be intact and traceable. Cars from out of state may require lengthier processing since the Department of Motor Vehicles needs to contact authorities elsewhere.


Bonded titles don't limit your ability to sell the car nor impact its record, as in the case of liens. The bonded status also has a time limit on it--usually 3 years. Most states do not sell bonds directly. You'll need to go to an insurance agent or currency exchange. Finally, bonded titles are not exclusive to any one state; almost every state can issue them.


Bonded titles work in your favor. Since you don't have a title at the start, previous ownership remains uncertain. Should someone sue you for ownership of the car and win, the bonding entity pays for any associated costs.

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