Houston Texans Auto Title is your full-service car title center! Specializing in obtaining Texas titles for all types of vehicles, let our North West or South West Houston Tag and Title

Agency assist you with all of your auto title needs. Whether it’s a simple car title you are seeking, a Texas title transfer, or even assistance with an out-of-state title transfer, we at Houston Texans Auto Title have got you covered!Our expedited Title Services include:• Vehicle Titles• Motorcycle/Scooter Titles• Boat Titles• Truck Titles• Trailer Titles• Motor Home Titles• Mobile Home Titles• Problem Titles• Title Transfers/Out of State Title Transfers• Salvage Title ApplicationsHave a problem title? No problem! Known as the “problem title specialists,” let our expert staff at Houston Texans Auto Title “go the extra mile” for you to speedily and efficiently resolve even the most complicated title transfers! Need answers about car registration? Contact us or call the office at 281) 901-7909.We also offer the following on-site services for your convenience:• Insurance• Notary Pubic• Courier Service• Tag and Title Registration Services• Out of State Tag and Title Transfer Assistance• Lien Notices, applications and Recordings• Certificates of Destruction• Certificates of Repossession• Document Correction• VIN VerificationSo if you need to transfer a motor vehicle title in your name and you are not able to stand in line to get the transfer done call Kem at 281-901-7909 and allow Houston Texans Auto Title Service to get your plates, registration, and title for you. We can handle any title transfer situation. If you have a motor vehicle title or the registration documents and the vehicle is titled in your name in another state we can get your Texas registration and plates today. Other supporting documents you will need to present in order to get your plates and registration are Texas liability insurance or the declaration page from your current states insurance that has bi-limits greater than or equal to 30/60/25, Texas state inspection with a VI-30 form from the inspector, and a valid US government issued ID or Foreign passport. If you have purchased a vehicle that has an international title we can assist you with the title transfer to get the vehicle in compliance with Texas state laws. You will need to bring your US Customs documents to show point of entry into the United States, Auto Theft department documents to show the vehicle is not stolen and for VIN verification, state inspection documents with a VI-30 form, insurance and a valid government issued ID. If you have purchased a classic automobile or motorcycle and you do not have the title and cannot get in touch with the registered owner to get a copy of the title so you can transfer the title in your name we can assist you with getting your vehicle titled. You will need to file for a bonded title to get the plates, registration sticker and the title in your name. All vehicles that are 25 yrs or greater and are required to apply for a surety title bond will be valued at $4000.00 in the State of Texas. You will pay state taxes on the assumed value of $4000.00 regardless of what you paid for the vehicle. If you do not have the title for a vehicle you are attempting to transfer in your name and the vehicle is less than 25 yrs old I will need to research the VIN number before I can give a price for the title transfer. The transfer fees will be calculated by the private value of the vehicle. The private value of the vehicle is determined with the VIN number to the vehicle.Don't get caught driving with expired vehicle registration call Kem and get your vehicle in compliance with Texas state laws at 281-901-7909 or 713-981-6388. 

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