25 acres between Hondo and Bandera-  2 tracts. Buy 1 or both.

Very private.  Near the end of a dead-end road that goers nowhere except back to ranches in the area

so there is very little traffic which means it is very quite here.

It has a good balance of trees and grass. It is on a paved County Road.  Electric lines on land already.  The back property line is on a slight rise as you can see in the photo but you are not perched on the side of a hill where everything is either up or down like so many hill country places are. It is basically level with hills around you.

It is Right for a home - there are some restrictions to keep this a quite clean part of the country but a mobile home is o.k. and live-stock is also o.k.

We must sellit and so it is underpriced at $88,350 for 25 acres which makes it the most acreage you could buy for that amount of money anywhere in Medina County for way over the past year or more.  $88,350 = $3,527 an acre.  Other land prices in this same area are 42 acres for $260,000 which is $6,200 an acre,  10 acres for @72,000 which is $7,200 man acre,  29 acres for $120,000 which is $4,140 an acre.


Call me at 830-423-2913 for more information and I can email a lot of pictures, plat map, and other information to you.

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