No Standard Operating Procedure and no De-Escalation Training proved to be lethal in Hallidie Plaza, San Francisco, on 2-16-10.

While SFPD dispatch searched and searched to round up one of its

30 (in February 2010) "hostage" negotiators (department ananchronism for Crisis Negotiator), the other 23 officers refused to enforce the law (CA Penal Code 401) and deliberately allowed a crowd to devolve into a mob. 

The "hostage" negotiator they said they fiinally found testified in his deposition that it was his first deployment on the suicide attempt scene, that he couldn't figure out how to get inside the former Forever 21 building or the elevator, that he had arrived without a bullhorn, and never spoke once from the groud up to the victim on the ledge. 

TODAY: "I knew for sure I didn't want to call the police" -- Broke-Ass Stuart (What to do when someone is having a mental health crisis on the street, 2-18-16)

Wish CONCRN.ORG and the Mobile Crisis Team had been around six years ago. 

Will the City continue to allow the SFPD to become this dangerously obsolete, trained only to end all crises encounters forcefully -- arrogantly unconcerned if anyone gets hurt or killed?

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