A bonded title is a certificate verifying a person's ownership of a motor vehicle. It serves as proof of ownership that allows the owner to proceed with transactions like:


   Buying insurance       Registering the vehicle       Selling the vehicleYou have to prove ownership to register and insure the car you buy.

Requirements for Obtaining a Bonded Title Laws about obtaining a bonded title vary by state, but the general procedure is similar everywhere. Generally you must make a legitimate effort to obtain the original car title before you apply for a bonded title. You must have bought the vehicle or received it as a gift. In other words, you can't apply for a bonded title for an abandoned vehicle.  Though a bonded title can be used as proof of ownership for registering, insuring, or selling a vehicle, it can be challenged in most states for up to three years after its issue date. Should someone successfully challenge the bonded titleholder's ownership, the title bond company from whom you bought the required title bond pays the judgement.

What Are Bonded Titles Used For? Bonded titles can be used to determine ownership if there is a dispute about who owns a vehicle, and can be used to prove ownership when registering a vehicle or buying automobile insurance. Bonded titles may also be used in situations where an owner failed to deliver the title to a car after a dispute, or in the event of a used car scam (such as sales of cars with fraudulent titles). Following are 4 of the more common reasons you might need a bonded title.

1. You Bought a Vehicle and Didn't Receive a Title or Bill of Sale If you purchased a vehicle, or were given a vehicle as a gift and have neither a title nor a bill of sale, you will need to take some evidence of ownership when applying for a bonded title. This may be a receipt or a canceled check. If there is no receipt or canceled check, you may be able to use a notarized statement explaining how you came to possess the vehicle.

2. You Purchased a Vehicle and Only Received a Bill of Sale If you bought or were given a vehicle and only have a bill of sale, you can use that bill of sale to obtain a bonded title so you can prove ownership. Proof of ownership is necessary to be able to register a car or insure it, and if you can't get an actual title, the bonded title will serve that purpose.

3. You Bought a Vehicle and Received an Improperly Assigned Title Suppose you purchase a car from someone and have it shipped to you, but the title the seller sends is improperly assigned (by, for example, showing them as buyer and another party as seller due to never having properly titled the car in the first place). In this case, you may be able to use your bill of sale or receipt to show ownership and apply for a bonded title.

4. You Bought a Vehicle, Received, and Lost the Title Perhaps you bought a vehicle and were handed the title, but lost it before applying for a title in your name. You should be able to take your bill of sale, receipt, or a notarized statement and apply for a bonded title that you can then use as proof of ownership.


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