All Texas residents who buy a used vehicle from anyoneother than a dealership are required to pay motor vehicle sales tax (6.25percent) on either its purchase price or its standard presumptive

value (SPV), whichever is the highest value. The Texas Legislature passed the law to ensureall Texans pay their fair share of vehicle sales taxes. The additional revenue helps fund Texas schools. Many people do not know if you paid less than the standard presumptive value for your vehicle, you may pay sales taxes on anappraisal amount provided it is certified by a licensed insurance adjuster or a licensed motor vehicle dealer; and obtained within 20 working days of the date of purchase. You need a Texas Licensed Adjuster/Appraiser to inspect your vehicle and properly appraise your property in order to be able to pay sales tax on the actual value of your vehicle. Doctor Windshield Auto Sales will inspect your newlyacquired vehicle for repairs, defects and overall conditions of the vehicle.Licensed Texas motor vehicle dealers canappraise the categories of motor vehicles that they are licensed to sell. That is, automobile dealers can appraise automobiles, motorcycle dealers can appraise motorcycles and trailer dealers can appraise trailers. Licensed dealers include new and used vehicle dealers, wholesale dealers, wholesale auction dealers, motorcycle dealers, trailer dealers and any other dealers licensed by Transportation Code, Chapter 503, Subchapter B, but not a drive-a-way operator.for assistance please call Kem at 281-901-7909

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