Do you have a vehicle and need to transfer the title in your name but are not able to locate the registered owner to get a title? Do you have a

vehicle and there are errors on the back of the title and you are not able to make contact with the registered owner to get a statement of fact so you can transfer the title in your name? Do you know someone that is selling a vehicle and they do not have the title and you are not sure what to do to get a copy of the title so you can get the vehicle registered in your name? If this is you we can assist you with your motor vehicle title transfer today. To obtain a quote we will need to have the 17 digit vin (vehicle identification number) and the miles if the vehicle is less than 10 years old. If you are not able to do a regular title transfer due to errors with the title or you purchased a vehicle with a lost title you will need to process a bonded title to register the motor vehicle in your name.What is a Bonded Title?A Bonded Title is a type of certificate issued in some jurisdictions that verifies a person’s ownership of a motor vehicle. The document, sometimes called a “Certificate of Title Surety,” provides proof of ownership, which then allows the owner to conduct a number of legal transactions, such as purchasing insurance, registering the vehicle with a motor vehicle department, or selling the vehicle.In most states, bonded titles can be issued in lieu for various types of vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, and some travel-type trailers. What Are the Requirements for Obtaining Bonded Title?A bonded title can usually be obtained by filing with the local motor vehicle department (DMV or equivalent agency). While state laws may vary, the main requirements for obtaining a bonded title include:The owner must make a legitimate effort to obtain the original car title before applying for the bonded titleThe vehicle must have been purchased or received as a gift (i.e., cannot file for a bonded title for an abandoned vehicle)Payment of certain taxes may be required in some jurisdictionsIn many states, a bonded title can be challenged up until three years after its original issue date. What is a Bonded Title Used For?A bonded title can be used for many purposes, including:Determining ownership in the event that there is a dispute as to the owner of the vehiclePreventing liability for misrepresentation when selling a vehicleA bonded title does not reduce the value of a motor vehicle and will not prohibit you from reselling the vehicle once you have the title in your name. Bonded titles are common in many states and the process can be a lengthy one that is why in most cases when a bonded title is needed most customers hire a title service company to take care of the titling process. We can process the title in 3 to 5 days and have the plates and the registration sticker. The title will come in the mail within 3 to 4 weeks from Austin. However the title will be in your name within 5 days. There are also a lot more services that Houston Texans Auto Title Service can assist you with regarding your motor vehicle titling process. With title processing, the old adage "time is money" never rings more true. At houston texans auto title service we process thousands of titles each Month in all 50 States. Because our experienced title specialists have regular contact with the state DMV's, they stay on top of changing titling requirements -- so you don't have to. Understanding that vehicles are depreciating assets, they're worth more money today than in the future. Titles can be and often are the biggest bottleneck in the remarketing process. Therefore, to keep you in the driver's seat, houston texans auto title service keeps you up to date with timely, customized reports. No matter what your needs or how difficult you're titling requirements are, houston texans auto title service has the experience and the industry contacts to obtain titles quickly and error free. Time is Money! so call Ms. Kem at 281-901-7909 to get more information on how we can put an end to all your titling needs. our team of certified experts can get the job done weather it is a duplicate title, auto title bond, title corrections, auto title transfer, storage lien and we even provide auto insurance. so what are you waiting on call Ms. Kem at 281-901-7909 for more is open mon thru sat from 10am to 7:30pm We provide the following services for all Texas residents:AUTO TITLE, AUTO REGISTRATION STICKERS, MECHANIC LIEN'S; AUTO TITLE TRANSFERS, AUTO LOST TITLES, AUTO BONDED TITLES, AUTO SALVAGE TITLES, AUTO OUT OF STATE TITLES, AUTO DUPLICATE TITLES, AUTO 30 DAY TEMPORARY TAGS, 18 WHEELER PERMITS, VEHICLE TITLE, VEHICLE REGISTRATION STICKERS, VEHICLE TITLE TRANSFERS, VEHICLE LOST TITLES, VEHICLE BONDED TITLES, VEHICLE SALVAGE TITLES, VEHICLE OUT OF STATE TITLES, VEHICLE DUPLICATE TITLES, VEHICLE 30 DAY TEMPORARY TAGS, CAR TITLE, CAR REGISTRATION STICKER, CAR TITLE TRANSFER, CAR LOST TITLE, CAR BONDED TITLE, CAR SALVAGE TITLE, CAR DUPLICATE TITLE, CAR 30 DAY TEMPORARY TAGS, MOTORCYCLE TITLE, MOTORCYCLE REGISTRATION STICKER, MOTORCYCLE TITLE TRANSFER, MOTORCYCLE LOST TITLE, MOTORCYCLE BONDED TITLE,,MOTORCYCLE OUT OF STATE TITLE, MOTORCYCLE DUPLICATE TITLE, NOTARY AND MORE.If there is a title to be found we can get it for you. So what are you waiting on come to 2855 Mangum rd ste 104, Houston, TX 77092 or call Kem at 281-901-7909 for more information. We are open Mon thru Sat from 10am until 7:30 pm to serve you. You can also visit us online at 

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