Material brass wire

specification mesh :1 mesh to 200mesh (1mesh,2mesh,4mesh,5mesh,6mesh,8mesh,10mesh,16mesh,20mesh,22mesh,24mesh,30mesh,40mesh,60mesh,80mesh,100mesh,120mesh,150mesh,180mesh) wire diameter:1.0mm to 0.06mm standard roll width: 1.0m standard roll length :30.0m

Characteristics 1) allows for easy visual and verbal communications

2) provides excellent attenuation to magnetic fields, electric fields and plane waves. 3) High transparency, good conductivity and oxidation properties

Application screening a variety of particles, powder, porcelain clay, glass;filtering liquid and gas, chemicals ;for electronic equipment , customs, aviation and space; information industry, machinery, finance etc

Packing: packed in rolls, outside wooden cases. 

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