In need of hi Quality Contracting Services Performed for Business or Residential?

I’m a specialist

We offer:

Asbestous Testing transport Servisce

Acoustical Texturing

Drywall / Sheetrock "Lath" & Plaster


Plaster rip outs or Sheetrock Overlays

Interior Pick Up Work / Trim Installation

Painting Waterproofing Interior Exterior / Water blasting / Sandblasting

Taping & Texturing / Knock down or Skip-trowel

Carpentry /Sheer wall / General Construction

Doors windows / Dry rot repair / Insulation

T-bar ceiling installation or Drop Ceiling repair

T-bar ceiling tile repairs / upgrade/ Retro fit / Changing & Grid re-coloring

(High Gloss Oil) White, and Designer colors Brown, Black, Blue, Green /

Any color Oil paint

Bathroom tile/ Remodels/ Grout Repairs

Commercial / Residential

Complete Shop on Wheels

Perfect for property management company’s or home owners.


Hay we wood love all your small repair jobs, get in get out that’s all we want

Serving the Bay Area since 1970 s

We don’t just repair ceilings we make them new again!


"Our ceilings are worth looking up to"


Ca. State License #621584

Office (650) 742-9607

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