OT-008 - Off White -

Price: $ 75.00 Per Unit Qty Available: 10Size: Various SizesItem Condition:UsedItem Location: Denver CO Product is Available: 01/07/2016Extras Included:

Item Description: Various Different Sizes of Work

Surfaces and Corner Surfaces! All in Really Good Condition! Sizes Include but not limited to: Corner Surfaces: 24x60x48x30 24x48x48x24 Straight Surfaces: 48"W x 30"D 48"W x 24"D 42"W x 24"D 42"W x 30"D 36"W x 24"D

About the Manufacturer:SteelCase - For over 100 years, Steelcase has been providing customers with workplace products, furnishings and services. We began in 1912 with a steel wastebasket and have become a leader in the office furniture industry.-------------------------------------------------------------NEARLY ALL OUR PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!MAKE US AN OFFER!-------------------------------------------------------------

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