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Published 16 March 2011

Three more sustainable secondary schools have been opened in Uganda, under PEAS’s

successful SmartAid model.

The schools were launched on March 4, bringing the total number of Ugandan schools built by PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) up to eight, all of which use the SmartAid sustainability model. This method involves raising money for the building and start-up costs of schools, allowing them to open without debt, which in turn keeps fees low. It is hoped that within a year the schools will run independently of UK funding.

PEAS recently formed a Public Private Partnership with the Ugandan government to ensure that three of the existing PEAS schools now have day-school enrolments subsidised by the Ministry of Education. This means that even the most disadvantaged children will have access to secondary education.

The charity hopes to alleviate the problems present in government-run Ugandan schools - such as teacher and student absenteeism, corruption, and large class sizes - by setting a sustainable and affordable model which the government can follow.

So far the school projects have been supported by The Costa Foundation, COINS and The Waterloo Foundation, among other donors. Using the momentum from the Public Private Partnership, PEAS hopes to build a further five schools in Uganda this year.

Ben Hamilton

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