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Published 27 July 2011

Emergency appeal donors are being warned by the Charity Commission to be alert

to possible scams.

The recently published advice is aimed at members of the public wishing to donate to victims of the drought and food crisis in East Africa. The Charity Commission is aware of previous scams designed to trick people who believe they are donating to a genuine charity. These can take the form of fake appeal websites, email appeals that falsely use the name of genuine charities, or appeals from fictitious charities.

Donors have been warned to be extra vigilant with their giving by making themselves aware of indicating signs of a scam. Possible clues were listed as unfamiliar or suspiciously long email addresses or badly worded emails containing incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes. Donors concerned about the legitimacy of a donation request are urged to inform the police, Action Fraud and the Charity Commission.

Becky Naylor

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