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Published 14 March 2011

NAVCA has urged Lib Dem councillors to honour the party’s pledge to

help local voluntary sector support organisations.

A new paper published by the Lib Dems, called Community Futures: Policies on the voluntary sector and volunteering, was introduced at the party's Spring Conference in Sheffield on March 11 - 13. The paper states: "To ensure that in each locality there is a strong, voluntary sector we would expect each local authority to support key voluntary sector support organisations such as Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) and Citizen's Advice Bureaux."

It goes on to say: "We would provide funding to extend the Professional Services Working Group model, developed in Stockton, in which the skills of local professional firms, such as accountancy, legal services and IT are co-ordinated and made available at low cost to the voluntary sector."

NAVCA, a national body which works with around 160,000 third sector organisations, has announced its support of the Lib Dem paper, and urges local Lib Dem councillors, in light of their party's policy, not to make unfair cuts on voluntary organisations.

"NAVCA believes in action not words. The Lib Dems are in power nationally and also in many local authorities across England. If the Lib Dems are a serious party of government then these policies need to be adopted by Lib Dem politicians," said Neil Cleeveley, director of policy and communications at NAVCA. "We are urging our members facing funding cuts from Lib Dem controlled councils to show their Lib Dem councillors the pledge on page seventeen of this document and ask them to honour it,"

Ben Hamilton


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