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Published 07 March 2011

A new £4m initiative aims to get thousands more people volunteering in London, in

an effort to address community dissatisfaction and disparities in opportunity within the capital.

The fund, called Team London, will bring voluntary organisations together in order to focus on three key areas: crime, improving quality of life and increasing youth opportunities. Charities and voluntary organisations will be able to apply for grants of up to £10,000 if their projects focus on Team London's three priority areas. Other aspects of the initiative include working to increase community cohesion between neighbours and a new mentoring programme for young people.

The scheme is supported by the Reuben Foundation, which has donated £2m to the programme - a figure which the Mayor will match with a further £2m. Additional funding is to be obtained from the private sector and charitable organisations.

In a statement, Mayor Boris Johnson said: 'London has a rich history of volunteering and civic responsibility and I am continually humbled by some of the amazing, generous work Londoners do to make it a better place for us all. Team London is about what we can achieve when we act together.'

The Mayor went on to add that he wants to see 'the village put back into the city.'

The scheme is based on the American 'Cities of Service' model, which was implemented in New York in 2009 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and later replicated in other cities across the United States.

Ben Hamilton

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