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Published 16 March 2011

A new database may help VCS organisations to secure commissions for their public health


The London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) is asking voluntary and community organisations delivering public health services to come forward for an innovative mapping project, which could lead to new delivery opportunities. The project, called On the Radar, is funded by the Department of Health and NHS London, and the database will be used by commissioners tendering new contracts. It is hoped that the database will allow voluntary and community organisations to increase their public presence and avoid being overlooked in favour of private companies.

"In such a volatile funding climate, where the public health sector is also being reorganised, it is important for charities and voluntary organisations to ensure commissioners know where they can find voluntary sector providers. This project does just that," said Peter Lewis, chief executive of LVSC.

The initiative will focus mainly on alcohol-related services around London for the first month, but will potentially expand to include more services at a later stage.

An official launch event for the On the Radar database will be held in June 2011.

Ben Hamilton

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