Income Generation News
George Eaton
Published 16 September 2011

Every month, CharityInsight, in partnership with The iD Factor, conducts exclusive research into the

giving habits of the general public.

Giving levels remain reasonably stable, with 67 per cent expecting to donate the same as they have given over the past 12 months. But which age group digs the deepest? CharityInsight's latest Giving Trends research shows that 25-35 year olds are most generous, with 15.3 per cent donating more than £20 a month. Th e old and the young, many of whom are economically inactive, give the least; 39 per cent of 18-19 year olds do not donate while 38 per cent of those 65+ either do not give at all (10 per cent) or donate just £1-£3 per month (28 per cent).


Giving Trends

CharityInsight's survey asks 1,000 people about their current and future giving habits every month. For more information,
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Income Generation News

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