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Published 16 September 2011

Work needs to be done to encourage more people from deprived areas to

participate in civic activity, figures from the Third Sector Research Centre have indicated.

After assessing the localities of three groups of people -- individuals who are highly committed to participation; those who are engaged somewhat; and those who are not engaged -- the TSRC found that people living in the least deprived areas were more likely to get involved in civic activities such as volunteering and charitable giving than those living in most deprived areas.

Source: Third Sector Resource Centre

As well as helping highlight uneven distribution of resources, the research also drew attention to some positive aspects of British society.

For example, people in the UK are, generally, not disengaged: the survey found that only about eight per cent gave no money, provided no unpaid help to organisations or groups, or did not participate in any associations.

However, there are small concentrations of the population who contribute the majority of donations and time: 31 per cent of people provide 87 per cent of volunteer hours, 79 per cent of charitable giving and 72 per cent of civic participation. Th is presents the challenge that those with most propensity to give might already have reached their maximum capacity.

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