Now competitive with Accord and Camry in every meaningful measure.

A perennial sales success, the Nissan Altima has never quite been able to break through the glass ceiling that separates the

Honda Accord and Toyota Camry in the hearts and minds of so many shoppers.

But it's never been easier to mention Nissan's midsize sedan in the same breath as those two automotive legends. The car is more competitive, thanks to a significantly updated body and interior for 2016. In addition, the Altima can satisfy the comfort-seeking commuter as well as someone who wants something with a little more flair. The 2016 Altima is a comfortable, roomy and efficient midsize sedan, but Nissan also added a sporty SR model to the lineup.

Driving It

A few observations from our full review of the 2016 Nissan Altima: "The new SR trim notwithstanding, the 2016 Nissan Altima keeps its focus on offering a comfortable, quiet ride. In this regard it's more on par with a Chevrolet Malibu and Toyota Camry than the athletic and nimble Mazda6. For drivers desiring slightly better handling, the Altima SR grants that with a stiffer suspension and larger, 18-inch wheels (but no extra horsepower)."

The V6 Lives

The 2016 Nissan Altima is one of a shrinking number of midsize sedans to offer optional V6 power. We like the turbocharged 4-cylinder engines offered as upgrades on competitors like the Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu — the cars are typically more fuel-efficient than comparably powered V6 models, and more nimble — but there's definitely something appealing about the smooth power and sound of a V6. But at 12,000 miles per year and $4 per gallon it works out to about $30 more in gas every month, and even a 4-cylinder Altima will sprint to 60 mph in an impressive 7.1 seconds, according to Nissan. A V6 is nice, but there's more than one reason 85% of Altima buyers go with the 4-cylinder.

Altima SR

The newest member of the Altima family is the SR. In addition to its sporty styling cues, the SR has suspension tuning that's designed to provide better cornering than with the other Altima trim levels. The Altima SR is available with a 4-cylinder or V6 engine.

Build and Price

The 2016 Nissan Altima Sedan starts at a bit over $23,000 and tops out at just more than $36,000 with a V6, leather, moonroof and a host of cool technology upgrades. To find out how much you should really pay, build a 2016 Nissan Altima the way you like it and we'll give you the Fair Purchase Price, which reflects actual transaction prices before applicable incentives.

More Midsize Sedans

The 2016 Nissan Altima is one of many appealing midsize sedans on the market, as detailed in our Midsize Sedan Buyer's Guide.

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