The biggest thing that minivans are known for is their undeniable ability to comfortably carry as many as eight people. What isn't talked about as much is using the minivan for

carrying large amounts of gear, and that's exactly why I used our long-term Kia Sedona when getting my family home ready for sale.

If you live anywhere that weather may be an issue, or you want to stow your gear in a big, lockable box, a minivan can be ideal. I had to make several trips to a local charity and to a storage space, and discovered how convenient it was to have the Sedona for several weekends as I got things organized. When the third row is up, you have a large bin that holds a surprising amount of cargo. (A minivan owner on staff frequently uses those bins to hold groceries -- and it can also be quite helpful on runs to a warehouse store for bulk items.) But the third row folds easily, and collapses into that space. Fold down the seats in the second row and you have a fairly flat load floor. However, when you push the second row's center seat forward, it doesn’t exactly lock into place. As long as you have gear there, though, it'll basically stay put.

Low liftover helpful

With that setup, I used the Sedona to carry everything from a vanful of storage boxes, to a portable air conditioner, and even a large piece of furniture, and much, much more, and the van happily obliged. The liftover height is pleasantly low, making it easy to get cargo in and out. And working on some days in the rain, I didn’t have to worry about water damage with anything I had in back. With the seats stowed, you can hear a few more squeaks in the van, but that would be the case in any minivan.

There are definitely times when it's nice to have a truck on moving day, but if you have use of a minivan like our Kia Sedona, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how handy it can be with the seats folded. I know I was.

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