Three Rows of Traditional Luxury

One of the softest and roomiest entries in the midsize luxury SUV segment, the biggest Buick's sub-$40,000 starting price also qualifies it as one of

the most affordable choices. Of particular note to parents, the Enclave's available second-row captain's chairs -- uncommon in the category -- can make the third row more accessible when two child seats are installed in the second row. The Enclave is now among the category's oldest entries, and time has taken a toll on resale values and interior appeal compared to many of its competitors.

Driving It

"The Enclave's sole powertrain choice – a 288-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 – offers good but not startling acceleration and passing power. And despite the Buick's size and 4,700-pound weight, the V6 eagerly propels the big vehicle even up steep mountain passes that make lesser cars wheeze. The Enclave is most adept as a comfortable cruiser, with a soft ride and an insulated cabin that benefits from Buick's QuietTuning sound suppression." Get more driving impressions from our 2016 Buick Enclave full review.

Peace and Quiet

One of the features that truly sets the Enclave apart is its quiet interior. The QuietTuning process mentioned above comprises generous amounts of sound absorbing materials and laminated glass to make the cabin extremely quiet.

Long-Term Look

Want to see what it's like to live with an Enclave before you buy one? We spent over a year with a certified pre-owned Buick Enclave when it was part of our extended evaluation fleet.

1. Meet the (Almost) new Member of our Test Fleet

2. The Design Brief

3. A Recall Moment

4. Interior Amenities, Fuel Economy

5. 8 Things Learned Driving Cross-Country

6. Comfort

7. Silence is Golden

8. Goodbye to Big Blue

Build and Price

The Enclave has a starting price of under $40,000, topping out in the mid-$50,000 range. But those are sticker prices, and you should expect to pay at least a couple thousand less. Build and price your own 2016 Buick Enclave to unlock its Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price, 5-Year Cost to Own and more.

Consumer Reviews

Rattler, a visitor, made the switch from driving only Cadillacs to getting into an Enclave: " Easy entry and exit, Very quite ride. Very smooth. An excellent interstate cruiser. The infotainment system is outstanding. The interior is equal to the priciest luxury brands. Not one reliability issue. Very good gas mileage for size. More than enough power. Rear visibility is somewhat limited, but the many sensors take care of that." Read more consumer reviews of the Buick Enclave.

More Midsize Luxury SUVs

Bigger and more affordable than most midsize luxury SUVs, the Enclave's most similar alternative is the Lincoln MKT. Visit our Midsize Luxury SUV Buyer's Guide to become an instant expert on all your options.

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