Slipping into the spotlight at Geneva, the 2017 Morgan EV3 puts a greener spin on the firm’s 3 Wheeler. Replacing the 2.0-liter/82-horsepower 2-cylinder gasoline engine used in that car is a

liquid-cooled 62-horse electric motor fed by a 20kWh lithium-ion battery pack that gives the new EV3 a 150-mile per-charge range. That motive force heads to the rear wheel via a single-speed transmission, and allows this eco-friendly Morgan to zip from 0-62 mph in less than 9.0 seconds and reach top speed in excess of 90 mph.

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To properly celebrate the fitment of its initial zero-emissions drivetrain, Morgan restyled the 3 Wheeler inside and out. Inspired by 30’s-era racers and 50’s-era dream cars, the EV3’s exterior features an asymmetric face with a tri-lamp motif and functional brass cooling elements wrapping the forward-mounted batteries. The EV3’s upswept tail also recalls Morgan competition machines of the 1930’s while the automaker’s first use of carbon fiber bodywork in the hood, side pods and tonneau cover work with the conventional aluminum aft section. The visual remake extends to the minimalist cabin of the EV3, as well. It’s highlighted by a new dash layout that matches wood, brass and polished aluminum bits with a classic 3-way magneto-switch actuator for the drive control system and a modern digital display screen to provide range/charge info.

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Morgan refers to the EV3 on display in Geneva as a “final pre-production” exercise and confirmed the first customer cars will launch during the fourth quarter. It also announced Morgan Motor Company will receive government funding to help underwrite a consortium that will focus on developing future hybrid and full-EV Morgan vehicles.

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