Melding the past, present and future into an intriguing show piece, the Italdesign GTZero Concept debuted in Geneva. With visual cues paying homage to a half century of Italdesign creations while

delivering a 21st century take on components and materials, the GTZero Concept makes an impressive statement. “Concern for the environment and new technologies have led to cars that are both efficient and powerful,” noted Filippo Perini, the firm’s head of design and former design boss at Lamborghini. “GTZero is our vision of a classic -- the Gran Turismo -- which embodies the traditions of Italian body designers, but is also brought up to date with tomorrow’s technologies and requirements. It has zero emissions, so it is therefore GTZero.”

Ultra-green with neo-classic style

Based on a modular carbon fiber monocoque with aluminum front/rear subframes that accommodate a variety of different exterior styles and powertrains, Italdesign rendered the GTZero Concept as a pure-electric wagon-style shooting brake. The body features active aerodynamics in the form of variable front air intakes and movable flaps in the hood. The two doors open in “elytra style” like the shell on a beetle, adding strength while easing access to its 4-passenger cabin. Cargo slips into the GTZero’s rear bay via a full glass hatch.

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Lined in leather and accented with satin aluminum and carbon fiber, the interior of the GTZero Concept offers 2+2 or 3+1 seating and embraces a modern minimalist theme jettisoning most buttons and switchgear in favor of a tri-level/multi-mode OLED dash display and unique touch pads on the steering wheel. Two on the rear give the driver control over information presented on the screens while the front pair command basic functions like the lights, wipers and directionals. There’s also a central touchscreen in the dash that handles the climate control and infotainment systems with its response tied to the number of fingers it senses are being used to input a request.

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Motivation for the GTZero Concept comes from a trio of motors, two up front and one at the rear axle. Collectively they develop 483 horsepower and give the car an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. While Italdesign offered no details on the battery packs integrated into the frame and center tunnel, they give the GTZero Concept a per-charge range of roughly 310 miles and can be replenished to an 80-percent level in 30 minutes on a suitable charger. In addition to its all-wheel drive setup, the GTZero also boasts 4-wheel steering to enhance its agility. 

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