Never make any alterations, erasures or use white-out on a Certificate of Title; if this is done, the title becomes null and void and a replacement

title will have to be obtained.

Do not fill in any part of the assignment or application on the reverse side of the title, unless it is done in the presence of a person who is familiar with how to complete the paperwork.  A Driver’s license or other means of identification will be required at the time of processing the documents.

Your Certificate of Title must be procured within 30 days after the assignment date (which is the date of the purchase) on the title, otherwise by law the Clerk of Courts has to assess an additional penalty.

Always make a physical inspection of any automobile you buy, checking the serial number to see that it corresponds with the serial number on your Certificate of Title and the odometer reading.  If the odometer reading is incorrect, you should require the seller to obtain a corrected replacement title prior to the purchase.


Do not execute the assignment on the reverse side of the Certificate of Title until a bona fide sale has been made.  Make certain that the buyers full name, address, purchase price and mileage is inserted before you sign the assignment.  Initials are not acceptable unless they are the given name. You must sign the assignment and provide a signed bill of sale or Texas title application.

NOTICE TO SELLER:  You are required by law to enter all information required herein, including the true selling price and odometer reading of the motor vehicle, on the title.  The making of a false statement under oath or affirmation is in violation.


A salvage vehicle is any vehicle that is dismantled, destroyed or changed in such a manner that it loses its character as a motor vehicle, or changed in such a manner that it is not the motor vehicle described on the Certificate of Title.

When an insurance company declares a vehicle a total loss and pays the agreed price for the purchase of the vehicle to a claimant, the insurance company or the owner must obtain a salvage certificate of title within 30 days.

If the insurance declares the vehicle impractical to repair, the original owner may retain the vehicle but they must obtain a salvage title in their name to receive settlement from the insurance company.  This vehicle, now titled as salvage, can no longer be operated on the highways until a regular/rebuilt certificate of title is obtained.


When you dismantle, destroy or change the character of your automobile so that it no longer is a complete car, you must surrender your Certificate of Title to the Clerk of Courts office for cancellation.

When you sell your car to a Junk Dealer you must surrender your Certificate of Title to that dealer with the assignment (on the back of the title) completely executed.


The Texas State Inspector must inspect all self-assembled motor vehicles and rebuilt salvage motor vehicles before a regular title can be issued.  The inspection form must be presented with all evidence of ownership (salvage title or bill of sale for parts) to obtain a Certificate of Title.

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