The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami, begins with a young boy walking home after school, he stops by his city library to return some books. Seeking to answer his casual

musings about tax collection in the Ottoman Empire, the boy is directed to a dark, basement room, where a stern, old man gives him three books with the information he has requested. Stipulating that the boy may only peruse them in the library’s reading room; the odd librarian leads him down a labyrinthine series of underground corridors, deeper into the strange library.

What follows is a story that is straightforward in its description of events, yet too fantastic and weird to be real. A ghost-like young girl, a sheep-man adept at cooking donuts, brain-eating, forced memorization and imprisonment, a dog attack, and a beloved pet canary are some of the elements contained in this interesting, curious, dream-like work.