Meg Corbyn is still adjusting to life "on the outside" and the Courtyard is still adjusting to having a human pack, Meg and the women who have popped up because

of her. But Thaisia is struggling with some growing pains, humans have reneg'd on their agreements and the fine line between being useful and being meat is getting blurred. Especially when the humans are wanting more and giving less in trade with the Others. ESPECIALLY when the humans begin poisoning and hunting the Others (BAD CALL humans...).

But the changes within the Lakeside Courtyard and their close relationships with the humans in their community is something the other Others of Thaisia are intrigued by. Lakeside sees a lot of visitors who are interested in learning from the Courtyard ways to improve relations with humans, in the hope of maintaining peace. But at the same time humans in Lakeside begin branding those who work with/for the Courtyard and Wolf Lovers... ah, it gets sticky needless to say, and there are some really sad deaths and some terrible repercussions. Ultimately there is a showdown between the Others and those who "control" the cassandra de sangues

So good, I look foward to more Novels of the Others.