This is Big Freedia’s first book and autobiography. He tells of his experience growing up in New Orleans and coming out as gay to his family and community, eventually becoming

a bounce music giant and reality TV star. His experiences are exemplary of New Orleans archetypal culture and provide the reader a rare and incredible window into what will become modern New Orleans tradition. He writes about his school years daring to try new levels of fashion, taller hair styles done at salons and becoming his school’s first male cheerleader. He survived Hurricane Katrina by living on a roof for two days with two adults and a child and another three on the 610 bridge and convention center. Especially moving for me are his beginnings and life-long experiences with gospel choir and his relationship with his mother. The book reads like a story about coming of age and believing in oneself, but is actually real-life for an amazing artist persevering and becoming “Big.” I recommend the book for those are familiar with the bounce genre and those who are not as it is an incredible life-story and important for anyone interested in New Orleans and American history.

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