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District 1 Station

District One Storefronts

Decatur Place Apartments
1155 Decatur Street
Denver, CO. 80211

The storefront at 1155 Decatur Street inside the Decatur Place Apartments was brought about as a result of a partnership with Mercy Housing and the Denver Police Department. The storefront is staffed 12-15 hours per week, with additional varying periods by patrol officers completing police reports. The storefront’s location allows officers to conduct administrative tasks during their tour of duty while remaining in the southern part of the district. The storefront allows officers and citizens to interact not only for crime reporting, but also for problem solving and information sharing. Community participation is always welcome and the storefront is stocked with drinks and snacks provided by the Sun Valley Coalition, helping police officers become acquainted with area children.

1490 Perry Street
Denver, CO. 80204

The storefront at 1490 Perry Street, located inside a 7-11 convenience store, was created in a partnership with Southland Corporation and The Denver Police Department. The storefront is staffed at various times, providing a second location in the southern part of the district for patrol officers to complete reports and other official business. With its high volume of community foot traffic there are numerous contacts with citizens, ranging from giving directions to answering questions and completing police reports.

Police officers in storefronts can assist or provide information with the following:

· Traffic accident reports (non-injury)

· Offense reports

· Domestic violence

· Traffic and noise complaints

· Zoning violations

· Graffiti

· Drug and gang activity

· Bicycle registration

· Child ID and fingerprinting

· Operation ID

· Neighborhood watch

· Watch your car program

· Crime prevention

· Other non-criminal complaints and community information

District 3 Station

Leetsdale Cop Shop

Leetsdale Cop Shop
7150 Leetsdale Drive #120A
Denver, Co. 80224-3530
Phone: 303-329-0500
Fax: 303-329-0589

View Map

The Leetsdale COP Shop is now open!!

Monday - 11am to 6pm
Tuesday, Wednesday - 11am to 3pm
Thursday - 11am to 7pm
Friday - 11am to 6pm
Saturday 11am to 5pm

What is the Leetsdale COP Shop?

It is Denver's first 100% volunteer operated police storefront. The letters "COPS" in COP Shop stand for Community Operated Policing Storefront.

COP Shop Newsletter

Why a COP Shop?

It offers a convenient alternative to the Police Station and other city agencies. It is in partnership with the Denver Police to help bring policing closer to the people to create safe and friendly neighborhoods. The COP Shop saves the city tax money since it is a non-profit organization with its funding coming from grants and donations.

What can be done at the COP Shop ?

COP Shop volunteers can assist you in performing police functions, such as preparing and/or reporting:

  • Traffic Accident Reports (non-injury)
  • Offense Reports
  • Domestic Violence
  • Traffic and Noise Complaints
  • Zoning Violations
  • Graffiti
  • Drug & Gang Activity
  • Bicycle Registration
  • Child ID and Fingerprinting
  • Other Non-Criminal Complaints

The COP Shop is also a resource for community information, such as:

  • City Agency Information
  • Denver Police Department Information
  • Denver Zoning Code References
  • Victims Assistance Information
  • Crime Prevention & Safety Tips
  • Educational Programs


The COP Shop is a 100% volunteer organization. Volunteers are needed. To provide all of the services as shown above many volunteers are needed. Help us improve communications between citizens, the business community and Police Department. You will be given hands-on-assistance as a volunteer in the fight against crime. This is an excellent opportunity to participate in community policing!

Pick up an application at the COP Shop front desk. or click below to print a copy of the form.

Volunteer Form

Other COP Shop Activities

Car Watch Program

The "Watch Your Car Program" is for the person who rarely uses their vehicle between 1am-5am (the peak hours most cars are stolen). Registration in this program allows law enforcement to stop your vehicle during these hours to determine if the car is stolen.

The COP Shop can register your vehicle for this program anytime during the hours it is open for business.

Child Car Seat Safety Check

At various times the COP Shop is the location for Child Car Seat Safety Checks. Call us at 330-329-0500 for information and time of the next safety check at the COP Shop or other locations

National Night Out

The COP Shop participates in the annual August National Night Out event with many activities of public interest. Check our July newsletter for exact date.

COP Shop History

The Leetsdale Community Operated Policing Storefront is the first totally community driven, community oriented storefront in Denver. When southeast Denver neighbors were approached with the concept of community policing, area Neighborhood Association leaders decided to help the Police Department with the safety and quality of life in their neighborhood.

Community Oriented Policing is not a program, but a philosophy. The idea of locating a police facility within a storefront or other structure in either a commercial or residential area is to enhance the visibility of the police and to provide opportunity for citizen involvement in the neighborhood safety initiatives.

Denver District 3 Police contacted southeast Denver neighborhood associations in December 2001 with the idea of establishing a policing storefront. Regency Realty, property managers of the Leetsdale Marketplace, had held a storefront off the market since 2000 in hopes of establishing a community operated policing storefront at the Marketplace. (Now that the COP Shop is in operation, the other store lessees in the Marketplace are paying the rent for the storefront).

The first informational meeting was held at the storefront where those attending were greeted by a room in disarray with surplus and used desks, file cabinets, dividers, etc, scattered throughout but not one chair. At that time a steering committee was formed and for the next few weeks many meetings were conducted at various members’ homes. During that time the committee had many obstacles, roadblocks and disappointments to overcome. Promised funding did not materialize, but business and individual donations of money and furnishings were forthcoming and the prospects of the COP Shop becoming a reality brightened.

The Leetsdale COP Shop opened March 2, 2002 just a little over two months after the first informational meeting. A great group of very interested, talented and dedicated volunteers made this possible. The official Grand Opening was held on Saturday, April 20, 2002. On May 11, 2002 COP Shop Bylaws were approved and a governing board elected. The COP Shop then became a non-profit organization, a Colorado corporation with 501”c3” status. There were initially 30 volunteers available to operate the COP Shop on a limited basis six days a week. Now an average of 45 volunteers is manning the storefront on extended hours.

During September 2002 a volunteer potluck was held at the Cook Park Community Center. The purpose of the potluck was to let all the volunteers and spouses get better acquainted as well as highlight the achievements accomplished at the COP Shop. Many police officers attended including the Chief of Police. This was a unique occasion for the city of Denver and Police District 3 where police officers and citizens sat around tables and ate a meal together in fellowship.